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In order to have an effective Bar Association, it is important that committee members participate in the committee objective by working actively together. Active committees are the heart of the Bar Association and provide a sense of belonging to the organization.


Administration of Justice
Administrative Law
American Principles
By Laws
Civil Court
Civil Practice
Criminal Court
Family Law
Federal Practice
Lawyers Referral Service
Legislation & Law Reform
Professional Ethics
Public Relations
Queens Bar Bulletin
Real Property
Small Firm, Solo Practitioners & Law Office Management
Supreme Court
Surrogate's Court, Estates & Trusts
Torts Section
Young Lawyers

Special Committees

Academy of Law, Advocates for Prisoners, Animal Law, Annual Dinner, Annual Holiday Dinner, Appellate Practice, Arbitration, Bankruptcy, Bar Panels, Cancer Awareness, Conciliation of Fee Disputes, Cooperative/Condominium Law, Elder Law, Golf Outing, Human Rights, Immigration and Naturalization, Judge Allen Beldock Referees, Judicial Relations, Juvenile Justice, Labor Relations, Landlord & Tenant, Law School Liaison, Lawyer’s Assistance, LGBT, Mentor Military/Veteran’s Law, Minorities in the Law, Professional Development, Speaker’s Bureau, Sports & Entertainment, Technology & The Law, Women in the Law, Workers Compensation

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